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How To Get Rid Of Herpes And Cold Sores

April 13 2017, 22:10pm

Many people who suffer from herpes and cold sore every month don't know what it is how to avoid it and is it posible to cure herpes and sores. A herpes outbreak involves very painful sores that can come recurring, because the virus that lives inside the body stays there, and causes attacks, when triggered. The herpes virus can be triggered by so many factors, but one of the most known factor that can trigger both the oral herpes and the genital herpes would be poor health or low immune system. Therefore, eating right, getting enough rest, and living a healthy lifestyle, are some of the most effective ways to prevent herpes outbreaks or to quicken the healing process of the sores caused by herpes outbreaks.


There are also other effective ways that a sufferer can do, in order to get rid of the cracked sores fast. If you want to know them all, please see the list below.

The fastest and most effective way to heal the cracked sores caused by herpes outbreaks is to take oral medications. Medications like Famciclovir, Acyclovir and the valacyclovir are three of the most popular oral antivirals that is prescribed by doctors to sufferers. These medications are high in anti-bacterial properties that can minimize the attacks.
Maintaining good hygiene is also another way to quicken the healing process of herpes outbreaks. One example for this is to clean the sores or the affected area with a mild germicidal soap with warm water, in order to prevent the infection from spreading. The warm water will also help ease the itchy feeling.

Avoid touching and scratching the affected area with your hands, because doing this might just worsen the infection. Scratching will just make new lacerations to the sores, which results to prolonged soreness.

Doctors in hospital talking about herpes cure

Aside from changing your diet, keeping a healthy lifestyle, and improving your hygiene, another way to quicken the healing process of your sores is to wear comfortable clothing. Tight fitting jeans or pants can cause pressure and friction to yours sores. Fabrics that contains lose fiber can also cause irritation, which can lead to a prolonged herpes outbreaks.
Use topical creams that are high in anti-bacterial properties that can prevent and stop the infection from spreading, and heal the sores at once. There are different types of topical creams available in the market, and most of them can be bought over the counter.
For herpes outbreaks that are very serious, the best thing that you can do, is to seek professional help. Aside from the medications that you can use to heal your sores, your doctor may also provide you with other forms of treatments, which will be determined, after the final diagnosis of the doctor for your case.

Technically, herpes outbreaks can last for one to two weeks. Even without treatment, the outbreak will subside on its own, and heal on its own. The treatments mention above can just be considered, if the person is looking for a quick and very effective way to heal the sores, and stop the discomfort that is caused by the herpes attack.The following two tabs change content below.

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